Julian, CA

We had a great weekend in Julian! It is quite possibly the cutest little town ever. It’s a small town in the mountains near San Diego that was established during the gold rush. There are a few mines there that offer tours but we didn’t get the chance to visit one this time. They are all about apples in that town though. “Julian Apple Cider” is a big deal and, after tasting some, I can see why. We ended up bringing home a half gallon of boysenberry apple cider and it is delicious! With how many orchards they have, I can see why they offer so many different kinds of apple dishes. There seriously was apple pie at just about every restaurant and some even have other things like apple dumplings, apple tarts, apple danish–just about apple anything. Everyone there is so nice and there are so many little stores to shop in. We came back with quite a few goodies : ) Another popular thing there is homemade soaps and lotions. Those people in Julian are quite crafty. We stayed in a “cabin” (it was basically a shortened single-wide trailer) about 20 miles away from Julian. It was about a half hour drive to town but it was a beautiful one. We were in the mountains of a national forest and there were hardly any buildings around so the views were amazing. We want to go back in the Winter time when there will be snow up there : )

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