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The Past Year

Well, I guess I’ve been slacking. It’s been almost an entire year since I last put my thoughts down in writing, so to speak. It doesn’t feel like much has happened but, looking back, I guess alot has happened. I can definitely say that I have grown over the last year, both from the good and bad that have taken place. I’m glad to say that things have been mostly good. Mostly.

Where to begin…I guess I’ll start with this same time last year. I started my online vet tech program in mid-January last year and am starting my fourth semester today. It’s been going pretty well so far. I started out slow so that I could get into the hang of the whole online thing and this semester will be my first full semester of four classes. I have learned so much from the classes that I have already taken and find myself getting excited as each new semester nears. I’m glad I’m enjoying it because I can’t see myself doing something if I hate it.

Jeff was deployed to Japan from June until December of last year. He was able to do and see alot while he was there, including climbing Mount Fuji. He says he hated it but I think part of him enjoyed being somewhere different and getting to know his Marines better. He came back with some new friends…well, new to me anyway. I’m glad that he has people that he can connect with and hang out with here. When he got back to the states, he had about three weeks off which we spent in Vegas, of course. It was great to be able to be back home for so long with him.

Sheridan started middle school this year. We were worried about how she would do because she’s so sensitive but she seems to be adjusting well. She’s learning the violin and has joined the dance team at school. She’s a procrastinator, just like me, and is the typical girly pre-teen.

Tristann joined Girl Scouts this year and no one could be more excited than me. I LOVE Girl Scout cookies and am helping her as much as I can when it comes to her selling them. She’s doing so well getting all of the different patches and doing the fundraisers. She was the top seller for nuts last year and was awarded a patch that only she got, and she’s the newest member of the troop.

In July, we took a trip to San Diego for Brittany’s birthday. She had planned on coming out to California to visit over the summer last year and we were going to go to the zoo and the beach, among other things. We made the trip over a long weekend and took the dogs with us. It was Patton’s first time at the beach and she didn’t seem to care for it. It was nice to get away and to do something for Britt.

At the end of August, after a visit to Vegas, I was headed back to Twentynine Palms when I rolled the Jeep. It was my first accident and was terrifying. I came out of it with minimal injuries, just a slight concussion and some stitches to my thumb, but it scared me pretty bad. The worst part of the whole ordeal was that Patton was missing in the middle of the desert and over night. I didn’t care that I was hurt, I was so scared that we would never get her back. Thank goodness we did though. I would be devastated if we hadn’t. Jeff was pretty upset but was glad that we were okay. Now we have two cars, which makes things alot easier on us. Jeff got his dream Jeep, that he’s very happy with, and I got a great little Saturn that’s perfect for me.

So, that’s how our past year has been. Mostly good sprinkled with a little bad. Overall, not so bad.

Julian, CA

We had a great weekend in Julian! It is quite possibly the cutest little town ever. It’s a small town in the mountains near San Diego that was established during the gold rush. There are a few mines there that offer tours but we didn’t get the chance to visit one this time. They are all about apples in that town though. “Julian Apple Cider” is a big deal and, after tasting some, I can see why. We ended up bringing home a half gallon of boysenberry apple cider and it is delicious! With how many orchards they have, I can see why they offer so many different kinds of apple dishes. There seriously was apple pie at just about every restaurant and some even have other things like apple dumplings, apple tarts, apple danish–just about apple anything. Everyone there is so nice and there are so many little stores to shop in. We came back with quite a few goodies : ) Another popular thing there is homemade soaps and lotions. Those people in Julian are quite crafty. We stayed in a “cabin” (it was basically a shortened single-wide trailer) about 20 miles away from Julian. It was about a half hour drive to town but it was a beautiful one. We were in the mountains of a national forest and there were hardly any buildings around so the views were amazing. We want to go back in the Winter time when there will be snow up there : )