We have known each other since our freshman year in high school and started dating senior year. After high school, Jeff  joined the Navy and I started off college at UNLV. After some moving around, for both of us, we were together again in Florida. After a wonderful vacation at a beautiful beach front bed and breakfast and an amazing proposal, we were married on January 27, 2010. Being so far away from our families, we had a small courthouse ceremony then had our “big wedding” on May 4, 2013.  Currently, we are based in Great Lakes, Illinois, where Jeff serves as a Corpsman at the Naval Station Great Lakes Recruit Training Command (bootcamp). I will be graduating from my veterinary technician program in the spring of 2015 and have an amazing job at a brand new hospital working with amazing people. As far as kids go, that won’t be happening for a while. We’re pretty content with our four-legged kid, Patton.

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